Senior Level DevOps Engineer

Team Overview / Purpose

We are a boutique technology company that has close relationships with several partners, working hand in hand with them to deliver high quality software from a roadmap of innovative and complex features in a high transaction environment.

Required skills

Dev part:
• Node.js on server side as plaine js
• Any synchronous languages under linux experience
• Experience with RESTful API integration|3d party integrations.

Sys ops part:
• Cloud AWS
• Administration skills, firewalls, protocols, networks is not a problem for you
• Jenkins (basic administration, plugin management, ability to create/configure pipeline/freestyle jobs)
• Docker puppeting does matter! Swarm experience is a great benefit
• Bash scripting on middle level.

Workflow tools u’re really comfortable with:
• Git, npm, Grunt/Gulp/Webpack.
• Upper-Intermediate English level
• MySQL clustering, fail tolerance systems for relative databases
• Apache, Nginx, Varnish as an HTTP proxy
• Load balancing

Key Responsibilities

• Write scripts to automate provisioning, management, and other repetitive tasks
• Work closely with others teams to build efficient and economical systems
• Design, automate, and deliver the physical and software components that operate platform
• Build automation into our process and support continuous integration and delivery
• Build tools to track, monitor, and visualize hardware capacity to assist with business planning and forecasting
• Build and utilize monitoring tools, cookbooks, checks
• Engage in and improve the whole lifecycle of services—from inception and design, through deployment, operation and refinement.

As a plus

• Application servers: Tomcat
• Understanding microservices approach is plus
• Programming on Java

We offer

• Be Part of new branch in Kiev, and opportunity to lead the Project and Team down the road.
• Work for industry with high growth
• The sportsbook has established itself as one of the leading players and is restructuring development for the next phase of growth.
• Individual approach to professional and career growth
• Comfortable work conditions (including two monitors on each work place)