Driven by people


Located right in the heart of Kyiv, Ukraine, Suntech Innovation provides the very best in customized software and infrastructure solutions.

We are passionate about what we do and we seek to instill this passion in our employees. We strive to create an open and nurturing environment that promotes genuine concern and respect for others and further promotes personal and professional growth. We believe that this is critical for the health and success of Suntech Innovation as a business.

R&D and Product Development

Our R&D team learns the ins and outs of the business needs to help reduce technical risk across the entire software development lifecycle.

Front-End Development

We immerse ourselves in the product requirements and deeply understand our target users’ behaviour and the ever-changing landscape in a market.

Back-End Development

The system architects and senior development engineers at Suntech Innovation get to design and build the core of any application retaining focus on availability, robustness and great new features.

Manual and Automated QA

At Suntech Innovation, quality is at the heart of everything we do. We know that expert QA will enable a stronger and leaner product, allowing the speedy roll-out of features and ensuring that the software runs to perfection across all environments.

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