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Agile Methodology

Agile is a powerful mindset for software development, not only providing benefits to the development team, but also providing a number of important business benefits overall. Agile enables teams to deal with the evolution of requirements and solutions in a more controlled manner. By reorganizing and re-envisioning the activities involved in custom software development, Agile achieves those same objectives in a leaner and more business-focused way. The team at Suntech Innovation have a wealth of Agile experience and are constantly looking to improve the way we work.


Scrum at a Glance

Scrum Software Development

Scrum has increasingly become our framework of choice for the vast majority of projects. We now heavily favour Scrum to successfully cope with loosely defined or constantly changing requirements, or critical time to market demands. We also have worked hard to hone our process to specifically address the challenges of development — and it has paid off tremendously when delivering products for our partners.

Scrum underscores close interaction between the development team, the Scrum Master (SM), and the Product Owner (PO). The three parties rely on constant communication to formalize requirements for the next sprint, discuss progress in the current one, and report on the work done.

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