Senior AI/ML Engineer


-We are looking to start a new cross-functional, cross-LOB AI/ML team for the entire business group that will specifically focus on AI/ML solutions to create an impact in different business areas like product development, marketing, backend operations, technology & data, risk etc.
-This new AI/ML team will act as a S.W.A.T team who work with business leaders to quickly identify use cases, design AI/ML solutions, prototype, test & deploy them.

What would your job look like?

Your responsibility - as a founding member of this AI/ML team - will be along 4 major areas:

Technical Leadership:

• Mentor and guide junior team members in machine learning, AI, and GenAI methodologies.
• Lead the design, architecture, and technical direction for AI/ML projects.
• Buy vs Build - Leverage 3rd party APIs wherever applicable and integrate it into the designed solution

ML Development:

• Design and develop advanced ML systems in NLP, Vision, RL or Recommendations, that follow high production standards
• Learn & apply the latest technological advancements in AI/ML to create new or improve existing solutions.
• Work closely with other teams to build services and internal mini-products for business functions like Marketing, Product, Operations, and Customer Support.

Deployment & Measurement:

• Deploy ML models to production, ensuring scalability, reliability, and efficiency.
• Integrate AI and ML services with existing systems or develop simple prototypes with user interfaces (UI) as required.
• Collaborate with DevOps and engineering teams to automate and streamline deployment processes.
• Work with product teams on measurement plans & enable testing plans of the models and solutions deployed


• Provide expertise to external stakeholders in both the algorithm and systems engineering side of ML.
• Drive strong documentation practices in the team
• Engage in continuous learning to stay up-to-date with emerging technologies and methodologies in the AI/ML space.

Who you are

As a professional:

• Experience:

- 5+ years of experience in ML engineering, having worked on both the ML development & Systems development parts for problems in more than one of NLP, Vision, Recommendations, Reinforcement Learning
- Experience (through work or freelance or pet projects) with the latest GenAI advancements

• Knowledge:

- Sound knowledge of ML theory (classical ML and Deep Learning) - transformers, GANs with practical knowledge of building ML-driven systems
- Theoretical & practical working knowledge of Transformer architecture, LLMs and prompt engineering
- Basic understanding of software development methodologies, CI/CD pipelines, and containerization.

• Technical Skills:

- Strong in Python, TensorFlow/PyTorch, Scikit-learn or other relevant ML frameworks to develop high-quality ML models
- Familiarity with technologies like Docker, K8s, Airflow, Kafka that will help in deployment of your ML solutions
- Experience with cloud services from at least one of AWS, GCP, or Azure.

Brownie points for (not mandatory):

• Masters/Ph.D. in an ML-related field
• Patents or publications in AI/ML conferences or journals.
• Software Engineering background (BE/FE)
• Involvement in open-source projects related to AI/ML.

As a person:

• Problem Solver: Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills to tackle complex challenges. A solution-first mindset required
• Innovative Thinker: Ability to approach problems creatively and not be afraid of failure
• Team Player: Collaborative mindset and effective communication with cross-functional teams.
• Self-Motivated: Passion for continuous learning and staying abreast of the latest industry trends.
• Detail-Oriented: Strong attention to detail and commitment to delivering high-quality work.

What We Offer

• Working in a small and dynamic team full of smart people.
• A start up culture where the focus is both on getting work done and having fun while doing it.
• Ample opportunities to display ownership and initiative.
• The flexibility to work on things that interest you on the side.
• A competitive salary & benefits package that’s on par or better than most of the market.
• Medical insurance, VISA sponsorship for self and family.
• The gratifying feeling of seeing your ideas and work implemented.
• Team of motivated professionals from different cultures and backgrounds.

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